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Cover reveal for Tim Minchin’s picture book!

OK, so earlier in the year it was revealed that Scholastic have teamed up with Tim Minchin and Steve Antony to publish a picture book based on Tim’s lyrics to When I Grow Up. Have you seen Matilda The Musical?? It is the iconic song from this moment:


I was moved to tears by the very lyrics to the song … and that was months before I even set foot in the theatre to watch the show. If you haven’t been to see it, you can check out a performance of this moment here:

Matilda the Musical: When I Grow Up

Lyrics to the song are here:

Lyrics – When I Grow Up (Minchin)

I was thrilled to find out there is going to be a picture book version of the song, and cannot wait to see it! According to Booktopia, it’s out on the 5th October. Check out the front cover!!



1st June … we’re waiting for you!

Less than 3 weeks to go until we can get our hands on some awesome new releases!

My 6yo, who recently devoured Weirdo 8, was a bit disappointed knowing he’d be waiting a while for Weirdo 9 (no pressure Anh Do, he he he). Then we read Anh’s other book, Hotdog, which is on the YABBA and KOALA  shortlist this year. He asked if there was another Hotdog book and, I could happily say: ‘well, there will be … on the 1st June!’


My 4yo adores the Ella and Olivia books by Yvette Poshoglian and Danielle McDonald. She can’t yet read them herself, but loves to have them read to her. She’s hanging out for the next one in the series, the 19th book, which comes out on: yes! The 1st June!


And in case you’re not excited enough, here’s another book out on the 1st June. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while! It’s the first Polly and Buster book in a new series by the talented Sally Rippin. It’s called The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster, the first in a series that targets slightly older readers (7 – 10) who have moved on from Billie B Brown and Hey Jack. The book is being launched on the 3rd June, in Yarraville, VIC. (Details here:


And last, but not least, for the David Walliams’ fans … here it is:


We didn’t think it was possible to invent children that were any more disgusting than Nigel Nit-Boy or Grubby Gertrude, but there you have it … here are ten more children stepping up to the title of ‘worstest children ever’!

So there you have it … a couple of weeks to save some money for an epic trip to your local bookstore!