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Cover reveal for Tim Minchin’s picture book!

OK, so earlier in the year it was revealed that Scholastic have teamed up with Tim Minchin and Steve Antony to publish a picture book based on Tim’s lyrics to When I Grow Up. Have you seen Matilda The Musical?? It is the iconic song from this moment:


I was moved to tears by the very lyrics to the song … and that was months before I even set foot in the theatre to watch the show. If you haven’t been to see it, you can check out a performance of this moment here:

Matilda the Musical: When I Grow Up

Lyrics to the song are here:

Lyrics – When I Grow Up (Minchin)

I was thrilled to find out there is going to be a picture book version of the song, and cannot wait to see it! According to Booktopia, it’s out on the 5th October. Check out the front cover!!




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