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Because ‘crook’ rhymes with ‘book’

‘The sun did not shine

It was too wet to play …’

And they’re sick! So there’s no

school or kinder today.

Fortunately (for me), on this dismally cold Melbourne day, we were not paid a visit by a troublesome cat in a hat. We did read a book that, incidentally, won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award back in 2008 though. It’s a Mo Willems book called There is a Bird on Your Head! and it got the thumbs up from my 4yo, my 6yo … and me! (Generated a couple of elephant noises from my 2yo – we’ll call that a win, yes?)


The text is very basic – fantastic for kids who are just beginning to read and recognise sight words. For example:

‘There is a bird on your head.’

‘There is a bird on my head?’

Kids who read at higher levels are still likely to enjoy this amusing story … they might also like to practice their reading expression by keeping a close eye on the punctuation marks (as in the text above). The font is large and accompanied by a comical, colour picture on every page. The story is told entirely in speech-bubble dialogue. It’s one of 25 books in the much-loved ‘Elephant & Piggie’ series.

(There’s a new spin-off series called ‘Elephant & Piggie Like Reading’, which also targets early readers. There’s a bit of conflicting info online as to whether this series targets a slightly older age group – might have to source one of the books for myself and take a look!)



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